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where in the brain is the pons located?

Where in the Brain Is the Pons
In Latin, the word neural structure virtually suggests that bridge. The neural structure may be a portion of the neural structure that connects the pallium with the medulla. It conjointly is a communications and coordination center between the 2 hemispheres of the brain. As a neighborhood of the brain stem, the neural structure helps within the transferring of system messages between varied elements of the brain and also the funiculus.


The neural structure is concerned in many functions of the body including:
  • Arousal
  • Autonomic function: respiration regulation
  • Relaying sensory data between the neural structure and neural structure
  • Sleep
Several os nerves originate within the neural structure. the most important nerve, the cranial nerve aids in facial sensation and manduction. The abducent assists in eye movement. The nervus facialis allows facial movement and expressions. It conjointly aids in our sense of style and swallowing. The nervus vestibulocochlearis aids in hearing and helps United States of America maintain our equilibrium. The neural structure helps to manage the systema respiratorium by helping the medulla in dominant respiration rate. The neural structure is additionally concerned within the management of sleep cycles and also the regulation of deep sleep. The neural structure activates repressive centers within the medulla so as to inhibit movement throughout sleep. Another primary operate of the neural structure is to attach the neural structure with the neural structure. It connects the neural structure to the neural structure through the peduncle. The peduncle is that the anterior portion of the mesencephalon that consists of enormous nerve tracts. The neural structure relays sensory data between the neural structure and neural structure. Functions below the management of the neural structure embrace fine motor coordination and control, balance, equilibrium, tonicity, fine motor coordination, and a way of body position.

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